It is with a heavy heart that I send this message. Coldwater Marine Aquatics will be shutting down its collecting business and retail website of temperate marine livestock for a while. Unfortunately the time needed to effectively run the business along side our current day jobs and family just wasn't there anymore. Both Josh and myself will still be actively involved as temperate marine aquarium hobbyists and hope to see all of your amazing Coldwater aquariums flourish. We will continue to help source livestock through referrals to the many other collectors and resources we've found and provide advice and information however we can. Hopefully the time needed to collect, import, export, ship, and run the business will again be there soon, but for the immediate future we will be closing up shop. You can still reach us by email at or visit the Coldwater Marine Aquarium Owners Group on facebook at to get more information on livestock, equipment, or husbandry for coldwater systems. Keep on chilling, Stu Wobbe Coldwater Marine Aquatics