Calcareous Tubeworm (Serpula sp.)

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Coldwater Marine Aquatics recommends you keep these animals in 55F-60F water.

Serpula (also known as calcareous tubeworm, serpulid tubeworm, fanworm, or plume worm) is a genus of sessile, marine annelid tube worms that belongs to the Serpulidae family.[3] Serpulid worms are very similar to tube worms of the closely related sabellid family, except that the former possess a cartilaginous operculum that occludes the entrance to their protective tube after the animal has withdrawn into it. The most distinctive feature of worms of the Serpula genus is their colorful fan-shaped "crown". The crown, used by these animals for respiration and alimentation,[3] is the structure that is most commonly seen by scuba divers and other casual observers. 

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