Giant Feather Duster Worm (Eudistylia polymorpha)

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Coldwater Marine Aquatics recommends you keep these animals in 55F-60F water.

Eudistylia polymorpha, the giant feather duster worm, is a species of marine polychaete worm belonging to the family Sabellidae. Its common name is from the crown of tentacles extended when the animal is under water.

The range of E. polymorpha extends along the western coast of North America, from Alaska to California. It is found in the intertidal zone in tide pools and in the neritic zone at depths up to 420 m. It tends to grow in groups and can be found growing on rocks, reefs, pilings, wharves and marinas.

E. polymorpha is a filter feeder, catching food particles with its pinnately branched radioles. It prefers to live in moving water so a constant stream of particles comes within reach. These are trapped by the feeding appendages and moved by cilia down grooves in the radioles to the large, funnel-shaped mouth. The gut takes up most of the coelom space and there is a faecal groove for ejection of undigested debris. Any particles too large to be ingested get incorporated into the tube structure.


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